Why Men Consider a Nose Job

While many think that only women pursue rhinoplasty, the truth is quite the opposite. Many men seek out a nose job for reasons just as varied as women’s. While men usually can get by with features that are a bit more rugged than a female’s often rhinoplasty is exactly what a man needs to set of his features nicely or to breathe easier.

Rhinoplasty for Cosmetic Reasons

Women certainly do not hold a monopoly on rhinoplasty. Men seek out the procedure for the same humps, bumps and breaks that women do. Men seeking smaller noses or noses with more definition are frequent patients of the surgery as are those looking to narrow their nose or clip off a bit of spare cartilage to define the shape of the nose more effectively.

While men often don’t have the dramatic differences that women can claim after a rhinoplasty procedure, there are usually subtle differences that have a large impact on a man’s face. Men should have noses that are much larger than women’s as they have a larger face and frame. Therefore creating a small nose on a man or one that is too pointed or narrow appears decidedly feminine. Shaving off a hump or resetting a crooked nose is a common procedure, however, that can redefine a man’s face.

Rhinoplasty and Medical Rationale

While there is a bit of cosmetic surgery in every rhinoplasty procedure, some men seek out the procedure for medical reasons. Rhinoplasty combined with septoplasty can correct a deviated septum and create a more balanced and symmetrical nose at the same time. A deviated septum makes it difficult for men to breathe through their noses and can lead to sinus troubles as well.

Other medical rationales behind rhinoplasty include surgeries that occur after a nose is broken. Accidents and sports injuries can lead to noses that are crooked, humped or off-center and through rhinoplasty, patients are able to recreate their original nose following injury.