Three Ways to Heal Quickly After Rhinoplasty

 Of all the plastic surgery options, rhinoplasty is the easiest surgery to heal from. While there are broken bones, the small area of the surgery doesn’t affect any major muscle groups and this allows the body to repair itself more quickly with little or no disturbance to your normal routines and lifestyle.

Follow All Instructions

The surgeon will leave you with a list of instructions for your nose, and you should absolutely follow them to the letter. If the doctor says to avoid smoking, you should skip cigarettes for another six weeks – or preferably, forever. If the doctor says recline, get comfortable with a bunch of pillows or commandeer the recliner in the living room during your recovery period.

Sleep and Rest

For the first week of your recovery, you should be sleeping as much as possible. Sleep in a reclining position so that the body can avoid swelling in your face and nose, and when you’re not sleeping, you should be resting. Find some good books or movies to watch and just sit back and relax while your body heals. Close your eyes as often as possible and consider some ice or heat packs if they are suggested by your surgeon.

Get Moving

While the first week is dedicated to sleeping and healing, the next few weeks are for returning to a routine and regular pattern. Get up and get moving on short walks, strolls around the house and any other short jaunt you can think of to encourage the heart to beat, the blood to move and your body to heal. Often just taking an extra turn around the house or bedroom after a trip to the bathroom is enough promote faster healing.