The Rhinoplasty Consultation

When considering rhinoplasty, you can expect a lengthy consultation with a surgeon prior to actually arranging your procedure. This is not only to give the surgeon a chance to examine your nose and determine the best way to proceed, but to also give you a chance to discuss your concerns and to learn more about the procedure.

While you’re in the rhinoplasty consultation, you can expect to look into a mirror with the surgeon watching carefully beside you. You’ll be asked to point out exactly which elements of your nose you’d like to see improved. This is the starting point for your discussion with the surgeon and will give him a better idea of what changes you’re seeking and whether those are realistic.

The consultation will then turn to the elements of the surgery and questions about your nose and breathing issues that may have contributed to your decision. While the majority of rhinoplasty procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons there are some medical reasons that drive patients to consider nose surgery.

At some point during the consultation or perhaps at a follow-up appointment, the surgeon will provide a picture or computer image of your face along with your current nose and the new nose shape that you’re hoping to gain from the procedure. This picture will give you the best indication of all about what is reasonable to expect from the surgery and give you, the patient, the best understanding of what the surgery will yield in terms of results.

The final elements of the rhinoplasty consultation include the discussion of cost and setting the time frame for the surgery. The cost of rhinoplasty may be considerable and the surgeon may provide financing for the procedure or additional information about payment. Payment will be expected at the time of the procedure, which will be scheduled after the initial consultation.