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Rhinoplasty Pros and Cons

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is not a procedure for the faint of heart. It is, however, a huge bonus for those suffering from damaged, previously broken or oddly shaped noses. We can’t control what our nose looks like as we grow and age, but we can control the way our nose looks if surgery is considered. Of course, with rhinoplasty, you should expect plenty of pros and cons about the procedure.

Pros of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery confined to the interior of the nose in most cases, making it relatively bloodless and straightforward in recovery. During the procedure, the patient is put to sleep and the surgeon works from inside the nose to smooth out any humps, remove excess tissue and create a new shape for the nose. Once the surgery and recovery is complete, the new nose is striking and hopefully exactly what you were looking for in terms of balancing your facial features.

Rhinoplasty is truly the only way to gain a new shape to your nose, which is easily the best feature of the procedure.

Cons of Rhinoplasty

That’s not to say the surgery has no downsides, what so ever. In fact, rhinoplasty has the longest healing time of any plastic surgery procedure. The majority of the recovery is painless following the first week, but the swelling and bruising that occurs on your face after the surgery can linger for months. It can be up to a year before the final bit of swelling diminishes on your nose. The bruising and swelling are not truly noticeable after the first six weeks, however – there is just a bit left that takes some time to disappear.

However, even with a long period of swelling and bruising, the rhinoplasty procedure is ideal for those struggling with self esteem issues and confidence thanks to the shape of their nose.

Rhinoplasty and Facial Changes

While rhinoplasty makes changes only to the nose, it’s impressive the amount of change the shape of the nose can have on the entire face. Often, a rhinoplasty procedure makes the nose smaller, more symmetrical and can fix bumps and unusual shapes through surgery. While the rest of the face remains unchanged, it is often perceived differently after surgery.

Facial Symmetry

The face is not symmetrical on any patient. Only dolls have perfectly symmetrical faces and understanding how the dimensions of the face can change from one side to the other helps explain why a face may appear unbalanced or crooked. Since facial symmetry is highly correlated to the way we perceive beauty, the face that has a crooked nose isn’t normally considered to be beautiful in the traditional sense.

Normally these faces are considered unusual or unconventional. By making the nose straight and no longer crooked, it evens out facial symmetry and this makes the face more attractive overall.

Child-Like Features

When researches compiled the most attractive woman in the world, they discovered that beauty is often found in childlike features. Large, round eyes and a small pert nose are cited as two of the most remarkable features along with a small chin and forehead. While it’s hard to change the shape of your forehead, rhinoplasty allows patients to achieve a smaller, more pert nose.

Rhinoplasty that reduces the size of the nose brings into better proportions with the rest of the face. Once a prominent nose is reduced, the beauty of the actual patient is able to be showcased.

Understanding how the rhinoplasty affects not just the nose but the entire face is critical for patients as otherwise they may find themselves surprised when they look into the mirror for the first time following surgery.