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Two Questions to Ask Your Teen about Rhinoplasty

If your teenager is considering a rhinoplasty procedure – with or without your blessing, mind you – it’s important to discuss the possible surgery. By discussion the procedure your teen is considering you’ll not only be supportive and open to his or her concerns, but you’ll also be able to help guide her decision making process and help by asking the right questions.

Why Do You Want a Nose Job?

Ask your teen point blank about her desire for a nose job. Why does she want one? The answer she gives may not be the full truth, however, and additional questioning can help dig down a bit deeper to get the bottom of her rationale. If she wants a nose job to remove a bump or make her nose more proportional to her face, she’s at the starting point of the process. Why does she want that bump removed? Is to feel more comfortable and confident in her body or is to make people like her more?

How Will You Feel With a New Nose?

Ask your teen to do some projecting. Just how will she feel if she changes her face? Often teens expect something like a nose job to change a great deal more than just the proportions of her face. She may expect sudden popularity or a change in attitude. An honest answer would be that she’ll feel an increase in confidence. An answer that would make you hesitate would be something more in line with popularity, pretty, happier or more loved. A new nose does not equate to instant popularity, sadly.

As your child examines the deeper feelings behind her desire for a nose job, she may realize that she’s looking for the wrong thing for her needs right now. She may also convince you that she is being rationale and would benefit from the procedure. Only a frank conversation will tell.