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Understanding Revision Rhinoplasty

If rhinoplasty is a nose job, revision rhinoplasty is the second nose job that follows the first. Why – you might wonder – would someone want two nose jobs? That is the nature of the revision rhinoplasty. It is designed to satisfy the needs of patients who have their own reasons for seeking out a second nose job procedure.

The number of celebrities who have had revision rhinoplasty procedures is long. While members of the Jackson family – specifically Latoya and Michael – may top your list of nose job junkies, other celebrities have enjoyed more dignified revision rhinoplasty procedures. Jennifer Aniston is a good example of this. Her nose jobs were separated by more than a decade.

While those looking for repeat nose jobs may not be the norm among plastic surgery patients, they are certainly not unusual. As many fifteen percent of nose job patients ultimately seek out a revision rhinoplasty. Why? Many reasons:

• The first rhinoplasty was not extensive enough in reshaping or repairing the nose.

• The first rhinoplasty was poorly executed or had unsatisfactory results.

• The shape of the nose does not the suit the patient over time.

• The nose becomes injured in some way and must be repaired.

In any of these situations, the patient will seek out a second or perhaps even a third nose job. It should be noted, of course, that each rhinoplasty procedure costs as much as the one before – perhaps even more as revision rhinoplasty can be more complicated than the initial surgery.

The surgeon performing a revision rhinoplasty must be vastly experienced in the procedure as subsequent nose jobs become more dangerous and have more potential for trouble. If you’re considering a second nose job, consult with many surgeons prior to committing to the procedure. You should be absolutely confident in your doctor’s ability to perform the surgery well. Especially if your first surgery did not live up to your expectations.