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Rhinoplasty: Showing Off Your New Nose

Your new nose will be beautiful after rhinoplasty, although perhaps not right away. In the first two weeks after surgery, you’re not going to want to do much unveiling of your new nose thanks to the swelling, packing, congestion and bruising that is evident after the surgery. After healing, however, it’s fun to make a splash with your newly redone facial features.

Debut Online

If you’re trying to find a way to show everyone just how much you’ve done while you’re away, consider taking some fun pictures of yourself or invite a friend over to help you take some. You don’t need to do a before and after shoot unless you want to, but some new pictures of you dressed up, sporting your new face are perfect for an online display.

Showcase your new face online by posting your new favorite picture as your new profile. All it takes is for one friend to notice how your face looks a bit different now and the conversation is off and rolling – everyone can admire and compliment your new nose without you having to be physically in front of them.

Bring Your Nose Out and About

Once the majority of your friends seem to know about your surgery, it’s time to take yourself out and about. By posting pictures online, you’ve already helped friends and coworkers figure out what you look like now so there are no shocked faces or comments asking about what you’ve done. The initial interest in your change will die down in a few days, and then you’ll be able to simply enjoy your nose. Everyone will simply know you as you are now – your debut will be complete!