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Should I Have Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures with very good reason. The surgery itself doesn’t take very long to perform and the worst of the healing is complete in a matter of days. Best of all, the rhinoplasty procedure leaves behind a pretty, straight nose ideally suited for your face – giving you an entirely new appearance to enjoy the rest of your life.

Of course, while there are many terrific perks to a rhinoplasty procedure, it is not a surgery that is suited to every individual. In fact, many individuals are not ideal candidates for rhinoplasty and should discuss the possibilities with a surgeon carefully. The best determination for surgery is what you and your surgeon decide together.

Are You Healthy? 

While weight does not have much to do with rhinoplasty, unlike many other surgery options, there is a concern about overall health with rhinoplasty. Patients who have chronic conditions, who are obese or underweight and those who make unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking or excessive drinking are not ideal candidates for rhinoplasty.

Patients who are taking any form of medication will need to discuss the implications of that medication with the surgeon prior to the procedure to be sure there will not be any interference or problems during the surgery itself and the recovery. Blood thinners and even aspirin are problematic for patients.

Can You Afford Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure which means it is not covered by insurance. The rhinoplasty procedure would need to be paid for out of pocket or financed through a special medical loan. The procedure must be paid for prior to the surgery as well.

Do I Need Rhinoplasty?

There are elements of every face that we might like to change. Perhaps we’d like our eyes to be larger, our lips to be fuller or our nose to be smaller. But does the vague desire for a button nose really translate into a need for full rhinoplasty surgery? How do you know if you’re really ready for rhinoplasty surgery to reshape your nose?

Among the many reasons patients seek out the rhinoplasty procedure, you’ll find many considerations for the shape of the nose. It may be that your nose appears too large for your face or in some cases, too small for your face. Some rhinoplasty patients dislike the shape of your nose as it might have a bump that appears in profile.

The nose may appear especially wide when you look at yourself in the mirror. The tip of your nose may turn a different direction or be extended. A nasal tip that droops down creates a hooked nose effect. The tip of the nose may appear to be extra wide or thick as well.

It’s not just the shape of the nose that makes a difference for some patients. You may be concerned not only about the shape of your nose, but the size and shape of your nostrils as well. Nostrils that are excessively wide can be repaired in rhinoplasty as well as nostrils that are narrow and constrictive.

The nose may show signs of previous injuries as well. If your nose has been broken at any point, it may appear to be off-center or crooked. The crooked nose may also have resulted in a deviated septum, or off-center membrane down the center of the nostrils. This makes it challenging for patients to breathe well at times and would lead to a medically-necessary rhinoplasty, or rather septoplasty, procedure.