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2 Unusual Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is usually used because you want a new nose. A patient is unhappy with the nose he or she was born with or a nose that was broken in a fight and now she goes to the doctor and comes home with a new one. But there are others benefits to rhinoplasty outside of the appearance of your nose.

You Can Breathe Better

Often rhinoplasty is combined with surgery for a deviated septum. If the membrane between your two nostrils is off center or even blocking one side of your nose, a nose job will help to straighten that membrane out and open up your airway.

While you’re healing in the first month or so you won’t notice how much better your airflow is. In fact, your breathing will get worse through your nose. The surgery will leave the membranes and tissues inside the nose swollen and this will lead to congestion. You’ll be congested for about a month before you start to sense some relief. At that point, you’ll start to breathe more freely and enjoy a clear, open airway.

Your Eyes Look Bigger

When your nose is your most prominent feature, all other features seem to fade behind it. But when you play down your nose with surgery, suddenly your other features take center stage. And the biggest features you’ll notice now are your big, beautiful eyes.

Being able to see your eyes so brightly and clearly in a quick glance at the mirror is disconcerting the first few times. But soon you’ll gain confidence in your new appearance and be able to use make up to play up your eyes even more