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The Right Age for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty: the only way to truly change the shape of your nose – at least in a favorable way. Short of breaking your nose and trying to reset it yourself, you’re looking at a rhinoplasty procedure to gain the nose you want. The question is – when is the best time for the rhinoplasty procedure?

Age and Rhinoplasty
The answer to the question isn’t especially complex. It all boils down to age, resources and rationale. The best time for a rhinoplasty is when you’re old enough for the surgery to be permanent, when you can pay for the procedure and when you’re undertaking the surgery for the right reasons. This can be a different time for virtually everyone.

The Right Age for Rhinoplasty
The minimum age for rhinoplasty is the mid to late teens for girls and the late teens for boys. Prior to that time, the body is still growing and the nose is growing along with it. Having a rhinoplasty procedure prior to the point when the nose is finished growing, it’s likely that the results will change as the nose settles into its finished shape and size. There is no maximum age on rhinoplasty – that is at the discretion of the doctor and patient.

Finances and Rationale for Rhinoplasty
A nose job costs quite a bit as the surgery is not covered by insurance. While there are ways to finance the procedure and many surgeons have payment plans, the rhinoplasty procedure requires payment in full prior to the surgery itself.

Finally, those seeking rhinoplasty procedures, should be having the surgery for the right reasons. Creating a nose that you can love is one thing, creating a new nose to make you popular is quite another. It’s essential that you understand your own reasons for the surgery and ensure that they are the right ones.