Rhinoplasty: Preparing for Surgery Day

The day of surgery is both exciting and nerve-wracking. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the better the day of surgery will be – at least this is true for the elements within your control. Rhinoplasty is a major surgery and there will be preparations to arrange before the hospital visit. Being ready both physically and mentally can help tremendously.

Mentally Prepare for Rhinoplasty

Read about the surgery well before the consultation with the surgeon. Ask the doctor to go through the procedure with you step by step to be sure that you understand everything that will be happening to your body prior to surgery. Think about the procedure and visualize yourself going through the steps of the surgery so that your mind is at peace about the procedure itself.

Continue your musing and visualization to include the recovery period. How long will you be recovering? Where will you be during that time? Knowing what you’d like to happen will help you arrange those elements ahead of time.

Physically Prepare for Rhinoplasty

While being in good health is important for the surgery, it’s also important to have all of the physical arrangements in place prior to the surgery. You don’t want to come home after surgery to a house that is messy without a your chair being in the right place for a full rest and recovery.

Arrange your pillows on the bed so that it’s a comfortable nest to recline and rest in. Drag the recliner that you’ll be resting in during the day closer to the internet connection and the television. Find your music player and check that your phone charger is already in position. This will save you the trouble of seeking out and arranging things on the first days of recovery – when you actually can’t do much more than sitting there.