Rhinoplasty and Teenagers

Unlike many forms of cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty is considered appropriate for many teens. That being said, rhinoplasty is not an ideal surgery for teenagers who are disappointed in their looks or who have ongoing issues with body and beauty images. The teen years are a challenging time as the body and face are still developing, but while some areas of the body continue to grow and change, the nose is fully developed by age fifteen in girls and sixteen or seventeen in boys.

Rhinoplasty for Teens

38,136 teenagers choose to have a rhinoplasty procedure done in 2008, and the number is likely higher as the years go by. Rhinoplasty has become an accepted practice for those in their late teens who feel the nose is not adequately shaped for the face or who feel their nose is unattractive. Often, rhinoplasty is selected in conjunction with a more medically necessary procedure.

Teen athletes who injure their noses may opt to use the opportunity to realign the tip of the nose. As many suffer, as adults do, from a deviated septum, rhinoplasty may be elected in order to open the breathing passages of the nose. Decreasing the size, changing the shape of the nose or removing humps, bumps or elongated tips for aesthetic reasons are all common reasons for rhinoplasty as well.

Rhinoplasty and Concerns

As the nose in teenage girls has stopped growing by fifteen or sixteen, it is safe for these patients to undergo rhinoplasty with a parent’s approval. The same is true for teenage boys closer in age to sixteen or seventeen. There are some concerns that are specific to teens who elect the rhinoplasty procedure. The first is that general anesthesia is required for the surgery, which may put teens at risk for serious complications.

Teenagers looking for answers to social or emotional concerns through rhinoplasty are often disappointed since a nose job does not transform an individual – it simply changes the overall balance of the face.