Rhinoplasty and Men

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is suitable for both men and women, but there are often different expectations for men when it comes to rhinoplasty than women. While woman often seek a small, refined nose, men should take into consideration the planes of their face before deciding which sort of nose revision makes sense for them. For most men, a small, straight nose would look out of place on masculine features.

The Male Rhinoplasty

An experienced surgeon will speak with a patient prior to surgery and address some of the concerns and issues that are decidedly male when it comes to cosmetic surgery, While facial hair is not a consideration for rhinoplasty as it can be for facelift procedures, the shape of the nose and the shape of the face must still match.

For many men, a perfectly shaped nose would look out of place on a face with more rugged characteristics like a chiseled jaw and whiskers. Instead of seeking a nose more suitable for a teenage boy, the male patient should discuss the possibly of simply refining the nose to remove a hump, shorten the tip or narrow a nose that is considered wide.

Changing a Man’s Nose

By making only a small change to the shape of the nose rather than dramatically repositioning bones or removing cartilage, the patient’s face is made more symmetrical and balanced without anything overly dramatic changing. For men, small, subtle changes are generally considered best because the smaller changes are more naturally and heal more quickly.

This makes it possible for the man to enjoy his lifestyle and career with a refreshed appearance – not a dramatic transformation. If it turns out that the smaller changes were not enough to make the desired impact, a revision rhinoplasty can help to continue defining the nose through small changes better suited to tweaking a man’s face and lifestyle.