Rhinoplasty and Aging

There are certain parts of the body that continue to grow after the rest of you stops. Your waistline is a likely culprit, but beyond that, you can expect the areas of your body that are heavily comprised of cartilage to continue to grow and expand as you age. For example, look at old men on the street as you walk by – you’ll notice that they have distinctively large ears and noses in many cases. Old women are no different – while their noses and ears are not as pronounced, they are noticeably larger in old age than they were in the prime of youth.

Rhinoplasty and Aging

The continued growth of cartilage has a distinctive meaning for those considering rhinoplasty. Unlike other areas of your body, even with the best exercise and fitness plan, your nose will continue to grow and change as you age. For many patients, this is not a deciding factor in the rhinoplasty procedure, but it is worthwhile to keep the continued growth in mind as you make decisions with your surgeon about the shape and the size of your new nose.

In a typical rhinoplasty, the surgeon will make small changes to create a nose that is suitable and natural for your face without risking too much removal of tissue. Removing too much bone or cartilage in a nose job can have devastating consequences, and surgeons are especially careful to preserve the integrity of your nose.

Discussion with Your Surgeon

If you’re concerned about the way women in your family age, be sure to have a frank discussion with your surgeon about your thoughts on aging. You may ask him to offer an opinion on the future growth of your nose. Together, you should develop a plan to ensure that your nose remains natural in appearance both now and into the future as well.