Planning a Nose Job?

Often the thought of a pretty new nose dominates the thoughts about a nose job. What will it look like? How long will it take to be the nose you’re dreaming of? Having a new nose is, of course, the goal of rhinoplasty, or a nose job. But knowing what to expect from the surgery is critical to being an informed and prepared patient. The more time you spend actually preparing for surgery, the smoother the process will likely be – especially the first unveiling after the bandages come off.

The nose job is designed to make alterations to the nose that you already have. They surgeon can’t switch out one nose for another, of course. This means that the surgeon will have to make small changes to your nose in order to create a new shape or design. While a surgeon can make a nose more narrow or remove humps and hooks, there is a limit to how much can be done at once.

Trying to make too many or an overly dramatic change can be hugely harmful to your face. Removing too much material can create the sort of results that appear unnatural or even those that collapse. This is why surgeons will advise only small, reasonable changes – nothing huge.

The small changes, however, can make a dramatic difference, however to your face. Trust the surgeon’s judgment and experience when you’re consulting about your surgery. Explain what you’d like, of course, but understand that the surgeon creates new noses almost every day – he knows what is reasonable and what is not. Of course, this is provided you pick a surgeon who has ample experience, which you should.

Planning for your surgery involves a great deal of discussion and plenty of anticipation. Being adequately prepared will make the process much simpler and satisfying.