Nose Job Recovery: Tips and Tricks

Recovering from a nose job isn’t an entirely difficult task. The nose job involves small incisions in the folds or the interior of the nose. Bones may be broken or shaved and the cartilage reshaped. Once the surgery is over, however, recovering quickly can be a simply matter of taking good care of yourself and your new nose.


In the day after surgery, climb into bed and stay there. Use plenty of pillows to prop yourself up so that you’re able to recline comfortable. You should not lay down during this time. Watch television, doze, work on the computer or just rest. You should take it very, very easy on the first day. Gradually increase your mobility to speed healing, but always stop to rest as your body needs rest to heal fully. The more active you become over the first week, the faster your body will heal provided you rest just as much as you move.

Stop Smoking

You should have stopped smoking prior to surgery, but just in case you only stopped for a few days, be sure to stay smoke-free for as long as possible after the recovery. It can take up to six weeks for the bones to heal and incisions to set, and smoking slows down the healing process. Smoking can leave open wounds where your incisions should be healing and bleeding under the skin is more common for smokers as well.

Treat Your Eyes

While you’ve had surgery on your nose, your eyes are going to take a beating as well. You’ll have a dull ache behind your eyes following the surgery and your eyes will appear puffy and bruised for some time. Use a cool gel eye pad to cover your eye area to help reduce swelling, add comfort to this area and improve the healing in this area at least.