Make Up Tips After Rhinoplasty

 Rhinoplasty has amazing results by making subtle changes to the nose, but there are lingering consequences to the surgery that present some headaches to the rhinoplasty patient. After a rhinoplasty procedure, the nose can be swollen and bruised for months. In fact, it can take up to an entire year for the nose to be totally free of all swelling.

It’s not only the nose that suffers from the swelling after surgery, however. The areas around the nose, including the delicate skin around the eyes also appears to be bruised for many weeks, perhaps months. All told, the final result of rhinoplasty surgery is impressive, but handling the side effects in the meantime requires clever tricks with make up.

The right make up after rhinoplasty is the sort that flatters your face, offers a great deal of concealment and helps to make the bruising disappear. Most often bruising appears in tones of yellow, so combat that with a pink based base and concealer. You may discover that using two different tones of concealer and base help to hide the bruising more adequately than a single shade. Blend the two colors carefully to cover the red and yellow tones.

Dust the face carefully with powder to set the foundation layers and proceed with eye make up as usual. Be sure to avoid using any eye liner or mascara on the bottom lashes, however, as they may emphasize the swelling of the tissue there. Light, natural colors with a bit of sparkle will help to distract the eye.

A dot of highlighter on the inside of the eye and on the outer corners will minimize the darkness under the eyes as well. A final recommendation for any make up purchased to use after rhinoplasty: Be sure that the make up you’re using is for sensitive skin and avoid using any makeup over open sores or healing incision sites.