Jennifer Aniston and a Deviated Septum

Jennifer Aniston recently revealed her new and improved nose to her adoring fans. While most celebrity watchers identified the changes to her nose’s shape as rhinoplasty, Jennifer has gone on the record as stating that her first surgery was not actually entirely cosmetic in nature, but rather a procedure to correct a deviated septum. The same cannot be said for the second rhinoplasty procedure.

Jennifer Aniston had plastic surgery twelve years ago as a procedure to correct a deviated septum. The issues were obvious in her facial features with her nose being offcenter and slightly bulbous. Once she had that deviated septum repaired, we were pleased with her new nose. It was straighter than the old version and it was a bit narrower, too. Since Jennifer is famous for her girl-next-door good looks, it looked as though she was done with the various surgery procedures.

Jennifer Aniston Revision Rhinoplasty

It turns out that Jenn wasn’t quite as pleased with her looks as we might have assumed. She is among the fifteen percent of rhinoplasty patients who went on to pursue additional rhinoplasty procedures to correct issues remaining from the first. While it’s unknown if she still had any symptoms of a deviated septum, we do know that she opted to shave down the bridge of her nose even more to make it even more narrow, defined and even turned up a bit at the end.

Jennifer Aniston’s rhinoplasty procedures have been stunning both times she’s gone under the knife and we couldn’t be more impressed with the end results.

We just hope that Jenn realizes that her new nose is as perfect as it will probably ever get and there is absolutely no need to make any additional adjustments. It would be devastating if Jenn became addicted to plastic surgery as so many other stars have – using it not to enhance her good looks, but to create an unrealistic depiction of themselves.