Important Reminders about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the sort of surgery that changes lives quite dramatically. The nose is one of the most dramatic features of the face and a nose that doesn’t flatter the face can cause the balance of beauty to shift or be hard to detect. This makes rhinoplasty surgery particularly desirable, but even as men and women seek the procedure, they must be sure to face the procedure realistically.

Rhinoplasty Changes Only Your Nose

Rhinoplasty makes changes to your nose. It does not change the shape of your cheekbones or your eyes. It doesn’t make your face thinner or your lips fuller. While changing such an important aspect of the face can make everything else look more dramatic and beautiful, it’s important to remember that you are asking for changes to one area of your face – not the whole thing – and to base your expectations on that.

Rhinoplasty Makes Small Changes

Your nose is not a very big element to your body, even if it feels that way from time to time. The nose has only a relatively small amount of bone and cartilage available for the surgeon to work with and there are serious consequences if the surgeon removes too much in a single setting. Instead, the surgeon will work in small increments to change the shape of your nose without dramatically changing the overall size of your nose.

Revision Rhinoplasty is Relatively Common

Even if you love your new nose, you may decide to refine your look even further down the road. As many as fifteen out of one hundred patients choose to pursue additional rhinoplasty down the road. The surgeon performing the procedure is much like an artist working blindly with bone and tissue. The results are as much a product of his artistry as his medical skills.