Important Considerations of a Nose Job

You may have stared at your nose in the mirror for years and hated it, but before you rush out for a nose job, be sure that you’re stopping to consider not only the process you’re about to undertake, but your reasons for choosing the rhinoplasty as well.

Why are you looking for a nose job?

The most important consideration for a nose job is why you’re actually getting the new nose. Are you looking for a new image? Are you hoping that the nose will change your life in some way? If your new nose is more about a desire to feel better than a desire to change your life, you’re on the right path. If you’re hoping that having Kim Kardashian’s nose will make you as pretty and popular as she is, a rhinoplasty may not be the wisest choice for you right now.

Who’s performing the nose job surgery?

More than any other surgery, a nose job is a work of art. The surgeon performing the surgery must not only do the medically necessary steps, but he will be constructing the shape of the new nose as well. Surgeons with a great deal of experience are easily the best choice for rhinoplasty, but they can be the most exclusive and expensive as well. Be sure to see plenty of pictures from a surgeon’s portfolio as you’re consulting with the doctor.

What will I look like?

As you’re consulting with surgeons, be sure to ask for images or models of what you can expect following the surgery. It’s important to know and understand what you’ll look like following the surgery as major changes to the nose will make dramatically different changes to your appearance. Preparing yourself ahead of time will make the healing process go more smoothly.