Figuring Out the Cost of Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty procedure isn’t a one-size-fits-all sort of medical procedure. As such there is usually not a set price for the procedure. You can walk into the medical office and offer up $3,000 for a new nose and walk out again. The cost for your rhinoplasty procedure is set through a complicated examination procedure and the degree of surgery required to make the necessary corrections to the nose.

The Initial Exam

The first exam of the nose sets the stage for the prices to follow. In the exam, the surgeon will ask the patient to point out areas of the nose that he or she would like to see corrected. The more dramatic the change, the higher the price tag will ultimately be. Since rhinoplasty can do many different things to change the appearance of the nose, it’s reasonable to assume that there will be different costs associated with different procedures.

During this exam, the surgeon will explain what can be done to bring about the patient’s wishes. If the patient is hoping for a narrower nose, the cartilage at the sides of the nose will be affected, but the bones of the nose will not be. If a large hump is to be reduced, the bones must be broken and reset correctly to create the desired effect. As one might expect, breaking the nose and working with bones to create an entirely new shape is more expensive and skill-driven than clipping back a tiny bit of cartilage and sewing up a tight incision.

Affording Rhinoplasty

Once the cost of the procedure is established, the surgeon will then explain the financing aspect of the surgery. The patient is expected to pay in full at the time of the procedure. Some patients may opt to use a credit card for the surgery and many are able to pay a full cash amount. Still others look to the medical loans available that extend to cover the full cost of the plastic surgery procedures, making the surgery easier to pay off over time.