FAQ About Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty may be performed on a relatively small area of the face, but it is still considered a major surgery and the recovery time from the procedure will be more extensive than many patients consider when first thinking about the surgery. Many questions about the recovery period from the surgery emerge during the consultation process including the following:

Q: How long does it take to recovery from rhinoplasty?

A: Rhinoplasty has a series of recovery steps that can take up to six months. In the first few days, packing will be left in place by the surgeon. Once the packing is removed, the nose will continue to be especially fragile and protected by a guard. Bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes will appear almost immediately and the conditions can last for months following the procedure.

Q: How will any complications or problems be handled?

A: Rest assured that a quality surgeon will be looking for any complications or problems with your procedure every time you visit for a follow-up appointment. The patient should be on the lookout for problems as well with the surgery and be careful to call the doctor for a follow-up if any complications or questions emerge. Write down and questions you may have to be sure that you’re able to talk to the doctor about the exact issue quickly.

Q: Where will I recover from the surgery?

A: The vast majority of rhinoplasty patients choose to recover from the surgery at home. The patients will need a friend or family member to help over the first night or two, but after the initial recovery process, the patient will be able to move normally with minimal pain medication. Some patients choose to recover in a medical treatment center, however, especially if they are traveling for the surgery.