Correcting a Hump through Rhinoplasty

One of the most common complaints of patients seeking rhinoplasty is the persistent hump that appears in some family trees or as a result of a sports injury. A hump on the nose is caused by the shape of the bones and cartilage and appears in the center of the nose, creating a facial characteristic that can overshadow other facial features. Having a bump on your nose can be corrected surgically, however.

Hump Rhinoplasty

To correct a hump in the nose, the patient will first consult with the surgeon performing the surgery. The surgeon will discuss the possibilities for the procedure including a closed or open surgery. An open surgery may be required depending on the severity of the procedure, but many surgeons are able to use a closed rhinoplasty where scars are located inside the nostrils.

During the surgery, the patient will be under the effects of general anesthesia. While she sleeps, the surgeon will open the nose and use his tools to reduce the size and shape of the hump. This may require shaving down the bone in this area, cutting away cartilage or even breaking the bones in the nose to allow the nose to set up correctly and heal into the proper positions to remove the hump.

Healing from Hump Rhinoplasty

To heal from this sort of rhinoplasty, patients will need to take at least two weeks away from school or work to allow for plenty of rest. The recovery process will include a great deal of bruising and swelling on the face, but these conditions will fade over time – it can take many months, however.

The full results of the hump rhinoplasty won’t be visible for up to a year due to the bits of swelling and bruising that remain, but the end results are truly impressive and well worth the wait.