Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure, but it is not a cosmetic surgery that is appropriate for all individuals. The ideal candidate for rhinoplasty is a man or woman at least sixteen years of age who is in generally good health. The right candidate must also be of sound mind as well as sound body.

Rhinoplasty Candidates and Health

The patient’s health is a primary concern for the rhinoplasty procedure. Ideally patients are healthy, near a healthy weight and are under the care of a primary physician. The rhinoplasty procedure requires anesthesia, and patients are usually fully sedated under general anesthesia during the procedure. There are risks associated with this and the surgery itself that are best managed by healthy individuals.

Patients seeking rhinoplasty should also be non-smokers. Smoking, as well as taking certain medications and supplements that can interfere with the body’s natural circulation, are problematic for rhinoplasty patients. Smokers have a greater likelihood of excessive bleeding during the procedure as well as an additional risk of bleeding following the procedure and a slower recovery time. Patients will be asked to stop smoking for up to two weeks prior to the surgery and to refrain from smoking throughout the recovery period as well.

Rhinoplasty and Mental Health

In addition to physical health, surgeons offering rhinoplasty will assess the mental health of patients as well. Candidates for rhinoplasty should be reasonable in their expectations for the surgery and be honest about the desire for the surgery as well as the possible outcomes.

There are risks and side effects possible from the rhinoplasty procedure and as many as fifteen percent of rhinoplasty patients pursue a revision surgery if they dislike the results from the first procedure. Candidates for rhinoplasty must understand that rhinoplasty can be a life-changing surgery, but it is a combined art and science and the patient should be open to the possibilities of what the surgery will create.