Bringing Pictures to a Rhinoplasty Consultation

It’s natural to want to bring pictures with you to a rhinoplasty consultation because you’re able to discuss the possibilities of nose jobs and show the surgeon exactly what you’d like to see on your own face. But, of course, surgeon isn’t a painter or sculpture. He has to work with the nose that you’re given as a starting point. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring pictures. Quite the contrary, be sure to bring pictures with you so that you have a starting point to talk about.

Pictures can help you start talking about rhinoplasty with your surgeon. You can find pictures that show what sort of nose you’d like to have. The surgeon can then show you what sort of nose that he can created from the nose that you already have. The surgeon will probably use a sort of virtual reality program or simulation so that you can see your face with the new nose on a computer screen or a print out.
Experienced surgeons know that you can’t shape a nose exactly into a new one. You must make small changes to the nose to avoid it looking too overly processed or fake. Small changes can make a big impact on your face, and while you might think you’d like a tiny pixie nose, you might be surprised to see just how much can change when you make a few small changes to the size or the shape of the tip of your nose or by removing the hump on the top of your nose.

The best pictures you can bring to a rhinoplasty consultation are those of a celebrity that started with a nose similar to yours. Look for pictures of celebrities or patients prior to a nose job. Then, print that picture along with a picture of the patient after the surgery as a guide for the surgeon to follow.