3 Reasons to Consider a Nose Job

Nose jobs are on the rise and now, more than ever, individuals are seeking a nose job. Why are so many patients anxious to undergo the rhinoplasty procedure? It’s not all about cosmetics for many of them.

The Nose Is Damaged

Your nose is a prominent feature, and there are many parts of your lifestyle that can be damaging for your nose. Young athletes, for example, are often injuring their noses in both contact and non contact sports. Noses get broken despite helmets or protective gear. Car accidents often lead to nasal damage when the face collides with a steering wheel or window. Regardless of how the nose is broken, rhinoplasty is the surgery designed to correct the damage.

The Nose is Medically Insufficient

Some babies are born with a deviated septum and others acquire this medical condition as they grow and change. Once the nose is fully grown, surgeons are able to use a rhinoplasty procedure as an opportunity to correct the breathing problems that may occur due to a deviated septum or insufficient nostril width or any number of other medical conditions. Surgery to correct medical conditions may not change the shape of the nose or may make subtle changes to improve aesthetics as well as improve function.

The Nose is Unattractive

As the most prominent part of the face, the nose stands out quite dramatically, and often natural beauty and balance is hard to display when the nose is dramatically out of proportion with the face. The nose can be a source of embarrassment or concern for patients as well, but once rhinoplasty is able to correct the appearance of the nose, the face is more open and balanced, giving patients higher self esteem and greater self confidence as well.