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3 Things Patients Should Know About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty isn’t a single surgery. Sure, we call all nose jobs rhinoplasty procedures, but really there can be any number of procedures that can make up a single rhinoplasty surgery. Many rhinoplasty patients are willing to have the surgery to make their noses more ideal for their faces, but do they really know what to expect from the procedure?

Rhinoplasty Doesn’t Always Involve Broken Bones

The rhinoplasty procedures that show up on television shows about surgeons always seem to involve a mallet and the breaking of bones. While there are many rhinoplasty procedures that require breaking the nose and reshaping it or shaving down a portion of the bone, there are some procedures that deal exclusively with cartilage. These procedures don’t require breaking the bone and the likelihood of bruising will be far less.

 Rhinoplasty Packing Hurts the Most

You would think that having a surgery on your nose would be painful, but what is actually the most uncomfortable according to recent patients is the packing that is placed in the nose following the surgery. The surgeon uses gauze or other packing materials to hold the nose in shape and to absorb fluids from the surgery. The packing fills the naval cavity and is only removed days later. The full nasal cavity makes it hard for the patient to breathe easily and is simply uncomfortable.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Takes Up to a Year

Unlike some other surgeries, the amount of bone and cartilage trauma required for rhinoplasty means that the swelling and bruising won’t be gone completely for up to a year. The majority will be gone, but there may be some present for months past when you’d normally think healing would be complete.




Realistic Rhinoplasty Expectations

The rhinoplasty procedures we notice most frequently are those that don’t go well. The surgeries leave patients like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Lil’ Kim with a nose that is almost unrecognizable. These celebrities seeking rhinoplasty treatments wind up looking less like themselves and more like an oddly proportioned doll. But not all rhinoplasty procedures require such a dramatic change, and there are more rhinoplasty procedures out there that you don’t see because they were done so well.

Realistic Results

When a rhinoplasty surgery is done, the end result should be a nose that blends perfectly with the face as a natural extension of a person’s looks. This may mean very minute changes or more dramatic changes with an eye on the facial structure and cultural heritage. The tiny nose Janet is sporting now, for example, wouldn’t look as bizarre on a face that had finer features from a different heritage. It’s not the size of the nose, but the look of the nose on her face that calls attention to her recent work.

Expecting Differences

No matter how prepared you are to see your new nose unveiled for the first time, it’s still a bit disconcerting when it’s unveiled for the first time after surgery. You’ve spent your entire life looking at your nose in the mirror and now it looks different. With a different nose you may be seeing your entire face differently as well as your features are now showing up differently without the prominence of the nose there to throw things off balance. When your nose is unveiled, look objectively. As the owner of your face, you’ll be able to see the difference immediately, but will those others who you work with or who you come across on an irregular basis. If nobody can tell what is making you look so bright and cheerful, then you have the perfect rhinoplasty result.

Regretting Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is not an exact science. It’s much more of an art form than precise mathematical or medical formula to creating the perfect nose for your face and there are times that you watch the bandages come away and realize that you’re not entirely satisfied with what lays underneath. If you’ve been unhappy with the way your rhinoplasty surgery turned out, you’re not alone – as many as fifteen percent of rhinoplasty patients go on to have follow-up rhinoplasty surgery.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the first nose job you have to correct problems or create the nose that you’ve always pictured yourself having. Revision rhinoplasty then is the surgery that you have to correct the first rhinoplasty or to add additional elements or refine the nose that the first surgery created. Surgeons performing rhinoplasty almost always perform revision rhinoplasty as well, but before you pursue the surgery, you must take some time to evaluate the surgeon you’ve selected to do the surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons

There are many reasons patients choose to have a revision rhinoplasty. With the revision, the doctor goes through the same steps as he did on the first surgery, but this time he’s usually focusing on just one or two areas to make small refinements. The changes must be small as the nose cannot stand too much work at one time. It is a relatively minute area of the face after all.

When you’re selecting the rhinoplasty surgeon consider what you liked and didn’t like about the first surgery. If you feel your first surgeon didn’t understand what you were asking for, why would you use the same doctor again to fix his mistakes? But, if you have decided to make changes after the fact and enjoyed working with the doctor the first time, making small changes with the same surgeon will make the process a bit simpler at least.