2 Unusual Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is usually used because you want a new nose. A patient is unhappy with the nose he or she was born with or a nose that was broken in a fight and now she goes to the doctor and comes home with a new one. But there are others benefits to rhinoplasty outside of the appearance of your nose.

You Can Breathe Better

Often rhinoplasty is combined with surgery for a deviated septum. If the membrane between your two nostrils is off center or even blocking one side of your nose, a nose job will help to straighten that membrane out and open up your airway.

While you’re healing in the first month or so you won’t notice how much better your airflow is. In fact, your breathing will get worse through your nose. The surgery will leave the membranes and tissues inside the nose swollen and this will lead to congestion. You’ll be congested for about a month before you start to sense some relief. At that point, you’ll start to breathe more freely and enjoy a clear, open airway.

Your Eyes Look Bigger

When your nose is your most prominent feature, all other features seem to fade behind it. But when you play down your nose with surgery, suddenly your other features take center stage. And the biggest features you’ll notice now are your big, beautiful eyes.

Being able to see your eyes so brightly and clearly in a quick glance at the mirror is disconcerting the first few times. But soon you’ll gain confidence in your new appearance and be able to use make up to play up your eyes even more


Three Ways to Heal Quickly After Rhinoplasty

 Of all the plastic surgery options, rhinoplasty is the easiest surgery to heal from. While there are broken bones, the small area of the surgery doesn’t affect any major muscle groups and this allows the body to repair itself more quickly with little or no disturbance to your normal routines and lifestyle.

Follow All Instructions

The surgeon will leave you with a list of instructions for your nose, and you should absolutely follow them to the letter. If the doctor says to avoid smoking, you should skip cigarettes for another six weeks – or preferably, forever. If the doctor says recline, get comfortable with a bunch of pillows or commandeer the recliner in the living room during your recovery period.

Sleep and Rest

For the first week of your recovery, you should be sleeping as much as possible. Sleep in a reclining position so that the body can avoid swelling in your face and nose, and when you’re not sleeping, you should be resting. Find some good books or movies to watch and just sit back and relax while your body heals. Close your eyes as often as possible and consider some ice or heat packs if they are suggested by your surgeon.

Get Moving

While the first week is dedicated to sleeping and healing, the next few weeks are for returning to a routine and regular pattern. Get up and get moving on short walks, strolls around the house and any other short jaunt you can think of to encourage the heart to beat, the blood to move and your body to heal. Often just taking an extra turn around the house or bedroom after a trip to the bathroom is enough promote faster healing.

Rhinoplasty: Showing Off Your New Nose

Your new nose will be beautiful after rhinoplasty, although perhaps not right away. In the first two weeks after surgery, you’re not going to want to do much unveiling of your new nose thanks to the swelling, packing, congestion and bruising that is evident after the surgery. After healing, however, it’s fun to make a splash with your newly redone facial features.

Debut Online

If you’re trying to find a way to show everyone just how much you’ve done while you’re away, consider taking some fun pictures of yourself or invite a friend over to help you take some. You don’t need to do a before and after shoot unless you want to, but some new pictures of you dressed up, sporting your new face are perfect for an online display.

Showcase your new face online by posting your new favorite picture as your new profile. All it takes is for one friend to notice how your face looks a bit different now and the conversation is off and rolling – everyone can admire and compliment your new nose without you having to be physically in front of them.

Bring Your Nose Out and About

Once the majority of your friends seem to know about your surgery, it’s time to take yourself out and about. By posting pictures online, you’ve already helped friends and coworkers figure out what you look like now so there are no shocked faces or comments asking about what you’ve done. The initial interest in your change will die down in a few days, and then you’ll be able to simply enjoy your nose. Everyone will simply know you as you are now – your debut will be complete!

Correcting a Deviated Septum and the Shape of Your Nose

For many patients a deviated septum is a blessing in disguise. The deviated septum is an interior portion of your nose that is out of alignment making sinus infections more likely and in some cases making it hard to breathe normally through your nose. If you’re considering surgery to repair a deviated septum, it is also an excellent opportunity to repair the shape of your nose as well.

Nose Jobs and Deviated Septum

A nose job scheduled along with a septoplasty to repair a deviated septum just makes good sense. After all, much of the surgery is the same procedure, and adding a few extra elements to the deviated septum procedure makes it possible to come out of your surgery with a new means of breathing, reduced infections and allergies and a straightened nose as well.

The Deviated Septum Surgery

In the deviated septum procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision to reach the cartilage partition between the nostrils. The surgeon then trims and straightens the area to make it flush and straight. The surgeon then closes the incision again and the deviated septum procedure is complete.

This is essentially the same procedure that the surgeon would use as part of a nose job procedure. With the nose job, however, the surgeon will take the extra steps of breaking the nose or shaving down bone to reduce humps while also trimming away cartilage to make the nose shapelier. Best of all, the deviated septum surgery is covered by insurance, leaving patients just a bit left over to cover out of pocket for the rhinoplasty procedure.


A Nose Job for Less

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is not the most expensive form of plastic surgery, but it is definitely going to set you back more than just your standard insurance co pay. Rhinoplasty is pricey, and many patients are forced to wait until they have raised to funds to pay for the surgery in advance. Fortunately, there are some ways to reduce the cost of plastic surgery at least.

Travel for Rhinoplasty

If you’re willing and able to take a trip, you can not only see the sights of another country, but also have inexpensive surgery performed while you’re away. Surgeons in other countries have often trained in the same hospitals and surgery centers as their American counterparts, but they simply practice in other countries. Many of these surgeons are just as experienced as their American counterparts, but simply have lower overhead in their practice.

If you’re able to travel to these surgeons, their overhead costs are greatly reduced, making the surgery overall far less expensive as well. Often patients who travel for rhinoplasty are able to take advantage of luxury recovery centers and spa services as well while away, relaxing and spending a few weeks recovering with full service before returning home again.

Rhinoplasty in the Off Season

Another option for discount rhinoplasty procedures is to wait until it’s not as convenient to have the surgery. Most plastic surgery procedures are performed over the winter holidays when there is a great deal of vacation time to use for recovery. If you’re willing to have your surgery in an odd time like September or April, you may be able to arrange slightly more flexible payments.



Should I Have Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures with very good reason. The surgery itself doesn’t take very long to perform and the worst of the healing is complete in a matter of days. Best of all, the rhinoplasty procedure leaves behind a pretty, straight nose ideally suited for your face – giving you an entirely new appearance to enjoy the rest of your life.

Of course, while there are many terrific perks to a rhinoplasty procedure, it is not a surgery that is suited to every individual. In fact, many individuals are not ideal candidates for rhinoplasty and should discuss the possibilities with a surgeon carefully. The best determination for surgery is what you and your surgeon decide together.

Are You Healthy? 

While weight does not have much to do with rhinoplasty, unlike many other surgery options, there is a concern about overall health with rhinoplasty. Patients who have chronic conditions, who are obese or underweight and those who make unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking or excessive drinking are not ideal candidates for rhinoplasty.

Patients who are taking any form of medication will need to discuss the implications of that medication with the surgeon prior to the procedure to be sure there will not be any interference or problems during the surgery itself and the recovery. Blood thinners and even aspirin are problematic for patients.

Can You Afford Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure which means it is not covered by insurance. The rhinoplasty procedure would need to be paid for out of pocket or financed through a special medical loan. The procedure must be paid for prior to the surgery as well.

Understanding Revision Rhinoplasty

If rhinoplasty is a nose job, revision rhinoplasty is the second nose job that follows the first. Why – you might wonder – would someone want two nose jobs? That is the nature of the revision rhinoplasty. It is designed to satisfy the needs of patients who have their own reasons for seeking out a second nose job procedure.

The number of celebrities who have had revision rhinoplasty procedures is long. While members of the Jackson family – specifically Latoya and Michael – may top your list of nose job junkies, other celebrities have enjoyed more dignified revision rhinoplasty procedures. Jennifer Aniston is a good example of this. Her nose jobs were separated by more than a decade.

While those looking for repeat nose jobs may not be the norm among plastic surgery patients, they are certainly not unusual. As many fifteen percent of nose job patients ultimately seek out a revision rhinoplasty. Why? Many reasons:

• The first rhinoplasty was not extensive enough in reshaping or repairing the nose.

• The first rhinoplasty was poorly executed or had unsatisfactory results.

• The shape of the nose does not the suit the patient over time.

• The nose becomes injured in some way and must be repaired.

In any of these situations, the patient will seek out a second or perhaps even a third nose job. It should be noted, of course, that each rhinoplasty procedure costs as much as the one before – perhaps even more as revision rhinoplasty can be more complicated than the initial surgery.

The surgeon performing a revision rhinoplasty must be vastly experienced in the procedure as subsequent nose jobs become more dangerous and have more potential for trouble. If you’re considering a second nose job, consult with many surgeons prior to committing to the procedure. You should be absolutely confident in your doctor’s ability to perform the surgery well. Especially if your first surgery did not live up to your expectations.


The Right Age for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty: the only way to truly change the shape of your nose – at least in a favorable way. Short of breaking your nose and trying to reset it yourself, you’re looking at a rhinoplasty procedure to gain the nose you want. The question is – when is the best time for the rhinoplasty procedure?

Age and Rhinoplasty
The answer to the question isn’t especially complex. It all boils down to age, resources and rationale. The best time for a rhinoplasty is when you’re old enough for the surgery to be permanent, when you can pay for the procedure and when you’re undertaking the surgery for the right reasons. This can be a different time for virtually everyone.

The Right Age for Rhinoplasty
The minimum age for rhinoplasty is the mid to late teens for girls and the late teens for boys. Prior to that time, the body is still growing and the nose is growing along with it. Having a rhinoplasty procedure prior to the point when the nose is finished growing, it’s likely that the results will change as the nose settles into its finished shape and size. There is no maximum age on rhinoplasty – that is at the discretion of the doctor and patient.

Finances and Rationale for Rhinoplasty
A nose job costs quite a bit as the surgery is not covered by insurance. While there are ways to finance the procedure and many surgeons have payment plans, the rhinoplasty procedure requires payment in full prior to the surgery itself.

Finally, those seeking rhinoplasty procedures, should be having the surgery for the right reasons. Creating a nose that you can love is one thing, creating a new nose to make you popular is quite another. It’s essential that you understand your own reasons for the surgery and ensure that they are the right ones.

Rhinoplasty Pros and Cons

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is not a procedure for the faint of heart. It is, however, a huge bonus for those suffering from damaged, previously broken or oddly shaped noses. We can’t control what our nose looks like as we grow and age, but we can control the way our nose looks if surgery is considered. Of course, with rhinoplasty, you should expect plenty of pros and cons about the procedure.

Pros of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery confined to the interior of the nose in most cases, making it relatively bloodless and straightforward in recovery. During the procedure, the patient is put to sleep and the surgeon works from inside the nose to smooth out any humps, remove excess tissue and create a new shape for the nose. Once the surgery and recovery is complete, the new nose is striking and hopefully exactly what you were looking for in terms of balancing your facial features.

Rhinoplasty is truly the only way to gain a new shape to your nose, which is easily the best feature of the procedure.

Cons of Rhinoplasty

That’s not to say the surgery has no downsides, what so ever. In fact, rhinoplasty has the longest healing time of any plastic surgery procedure. The majority of the recovery is painless following the first week, but the swelling and bruising that occurs on your face after the surgery can linger for months. It can be up to a year before the final bit of swelling diminishes on your nose. The bruising and swelling are not truly noticeable after the first six weeks, however – there is just a bit left that takes some time to disappear.

However, even with a long period of swelling and bruising, the rhinoplasty procedure is ideal for those struggling with self esteem issues and confidence thanks to the shape of their nose.

Understanding Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is the term given to the nose jobs performed on people of color. While every individual is unique, there are characteristics that are attributed to particular cultures and the best rhinoplasty surgeons know that specializing in the aspects of these racial differences makes for a more customized procedure. The more knowledgeable the surgeon, the better the rhinoplasty procedure will be.

The Rhinoplasty Specialist

Every patient considering a rhinoplasty procedure should be sure to work with a surgeon who has specialized in rhinoplasty. While most plastic surgeons can do an adequate job with a rhinoplasty procedure, changing the nose on your face is equal measures art and medicine – a basic rhinoplasty may not be what you need, and it may be all that your surgeon can offer if you choose someone with limited experience.

By working with a surgeon who is not only experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty, but has chosen to specialize in the procedure, you’ll be assured that your new nose will not only be beautiful and flattering to your features, but that it will be natural. The goal of any good rhinoplasty procedure is to create a nose that you could have been born with. Making small, smart changes to what you were, in fact, born with is the best way to do this through surgery.

The Results of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

After an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure, you want to look in the mirror and see yourself looking back at you. You want strangers to admire your attractive looks without considering your nose as anything more than part of the whole. Working with an ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon can create this effect, making it far less likely that you’d consider additional work or a revision rhinoplasty in the future.